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Clear view: Glass Cleaner



Careful cleaning of your vehicle's interior and exterior windows ensures better visibility on the road and therefore a much safer driving experience. 

Clear View, our glass cleaner, is formulated with alcohol, cleaning agents and polymers to provide a clear, streak-free finish.

This product also leaves a protective barrier that prevents dust from sticking to the glass, which is very practical on your outings! 

This protective barrier helps keep your vehicle’s windows clean longer and makes them easier to maintain. 

This ammonia-free glass cleaner is safe for all types of glass and has a fresh scent. For optimal wiping, Silverwax recommends the use of window microfibre [you can also add a link to a product on your site here] and you will have a winning combination for cleaning your windows.

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Tools required :

Several window microfibres

How to use : 

1) Spray Clear View on the desired area

2) Wipe with a window microfibre


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