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Engine restorer


Engine proof: Engine bay detailer



The heart of your vehicle is, without a doubt, its engine. Even though it’s not visible, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance.

Take care of your engine with our engine bay detailer, Engine proof. In just a few minutes, it restores original shine to engine compartment components (metals, plastics, rubbers, and painted surfaces).

Engine proof is solvent-free and also prevents cracking of plastics and rubbers. It is safe for all engine compartment components and does not leave a greasy finish after application.

Combine Engine proof with Grease off. Use Grease off for a good pre-cleaning, then use Engine proof to top it off!

Trust us, your engine will be the best kept secret... under the hood!

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  1. Before getting started, make sure the engine is cool, the engine compartment components have been cleaned with Grease off and are completely dry
  2. Spray Engine Proof on all components
  3. Spread evenly with a dry microfibre
  4. Allow product to dry.

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