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Grease off: Fast-Acting Degreaser

From CA$16.99


  • 4 L
  • 2L
  • 500ml

Our fast-acting degreaser is a must-have in your Silverwax product collection. Grease off is a powerful agent for removing oil, grease, brake dust and road pollutants.

Not only is it quick to apply, but it's safe for all types of rims and plastic hubcaps. This acid-free cleaner is also your go-to for degreasing tires, engines, brakes, industrial machinery, and stubborn dirt.

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1) Before starting, make sure the surface is cool

2) Spray Grease Off on the desired surface

3) Let it sit for 30 seconds

4) Scrub, if necessary, with a mitt or a brush

5) Rinse.


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