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Interior protector



Restore the look of your original interior with Silverwax’s Interior protector! In addition to restoring colour and lustre, it protects your interior from UV damage and prevents drying and cracking. Ideal for dashboards and other plastic, vinyl and faux leather surfaces, this product dries rapidly with no oily residue, and leaves a long-lasting clean thanks to its dust-resistant antistatic properties.

  • Restores the coloured elements
  • Protects your interior from UV damage, drying and cracking 
  • Does not contain solvant
  • Has antistatic properties
  • Dries rapidly without leaving oily residues
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  1. Make sure that the components are clean before applying the Interior protector. 
  2. Spray the product on a wax applicator or a microfiber. 
  3. Spread the product uniformly on all the interior's components. 
  4. Wipe off the excess of product with a clean and dry microfiber.

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