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Lotus effect: High beading protection



It’s common knowledge that the lotus leaf is the queen of hydrophobia. It was only natural for us to name our water-repellent protection after it. Lotus effect, our water repellent protection that lasts up to 8 months, acts as a hydrophobic shield leaving an impressive beading on your vehicle. Now, it's a part of our Ceramic series collection.

Our high-beading protection will leave your car shiny, and above all, it will repel dirt, which makes washing much faster.

Moreover, if you have previously applied Nano 1, Lotus Effect becomes a complementary product that is quick and easy to apply and very useful to maintain the protection layer.

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Tools required :

Several microfibres

How to use : 

  1. Before getting started, make sure the vehicle is clean and dry
  2. Shake the container well
  3. Spray Lotus Effect twice per section on the desired surface
  4. Spread the product evenly with a microfibre
  5. Wipe with a clean microfibre.



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