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Lotus Effect



Did you know that the lotus flower, more precisely its leaf, is the most hydrophobic plant in nature? That is why Silverwax’s Lotus Effect was named that way. It is a finish coat that has the beading capacities of this exotic plant, so sought after in the car care industry. On a clean and dry vehicle, simply spray the solution and wipe it clean. It cannot get easier, and the car’s body will be shiny, easy to clean and it will repel dirt and make water bead.

• Remarkable beading.

• Complementary product to Nano1 coating.

• Suitable for bodyworks and rims.

• To be used between washes to maintain the protective layer.

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  1. Spray and spread evenly.
  2. Let dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Wipe with a microfiber.

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