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Nano1 Coating


Silverwax Nano1 is a long durability protective coating formulated from nanoparticle chains. Once applied on the vehicle, the polymers in this formula react with ambient air to form an extremely durable quartz layer that bonds to the paint and ensures an outstanding hydrophibicity. The coating acts as a genuine shield against micro-scratches, discoloration and lost of gloss from the paint, while repelling dirt and water to preserve an unparalleled shine for months.

It is recommended to do a complete decontamination of the car before applying this product. You can use the Silverwax decontamination kit for this purpose. 

  • Easy to apply.
  • Preserves the car's shine for up to 24 months.
  • Provides an unmatched  UV protection and resistance to micro-scratches.
  • Can be applied on paint and wheels.
  • Reduces dirt accumulation and facilitates maintenance
  • Resists to pH from 1 to 13 and all solvents used in car care. 
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    • Nano1 is designed to be the vehicle’s first layer of protection. Therefore, it should be applied on a surface that is free of wax or sealant.
    • Clean the vehicle thoroughly and take care of removing all traces of insects, oil, tar, asphalt, tree sap or other contaminants that could get trapped under the Nano1 protective layer.
    • Before applying Nano1, the vehicle should be completely decontaminated using a clay bar and a rust particles cleaner. The Silverwax decontamination kit contains everything you need to perform this work.
    • If there are scratches or swirls on the paint, the vehicle should be polished before applying Nano1. (Nano1 is a protective product, it will not fix scratches)
    • Do not apply the product on a surface that is hot or under direct sunlight.
    • For best results, apply Nano1 in a garage. If the product is applied outside, opt for a day that is not windy to prevent contaminants from adhering to the product while it dries.
    • Make sure you work in a location with sufficient light.
    • Once Nano1 has been applied, do not wash the vehicle or apply a wax or sealant for 7 days.
  1. Pour the surface prep on the microfibre cloth and wipe it on all of the surfaces where Nano1 will be applied.
  2. Cover the applicator block with a small microsuede.Bloc Nano1 recouvert
  3. Shake the Nano1 bottle well and pour a line of product on the microsuede.Nano sur bloc applicateur
  4. Work section by section, ensuring that the product is evenly spread. This diagram shows the different sections of an intermediate vehicle. (Indicative diagram)sections voiture
  5. Make a crosswise application with a light pressure. Apply in a horizontal motion(1) so as to cover the entire section. Then, go over the section again with a vertical motion (2). As needed, reapply a few drops of the product on the microsuede.
  6. Allow the product to dry for 30 to 60 seconds and wipe the surface with the giant microsuede, applying slight pressure to remove the visible layer only.IMPORTANT: Do not let the product dry completely before polishing.
  7. If after completing a section, you see holograms or visible traces, it is an indication that the product has not been polished evenly. To correct this, wipe the section again with the microsuede before the product has dried completely.
  8. Continue applying the product, covering every section of the vehicle.
  9. When the application is complete, allow a drying period of 2 hours before driving the vehicle.

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