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Quick detailer



A showroom shine in only ten minutes? Impossible! Actually, it couldn’t be easier with Silverwax's Quick detailer, which offers spectacular instant results. In addition to eliminating dust and smears, it restores the shine of the original paint, plastic, chrome, rims and windows of your vehicle. Perfect for touch-ups between washes, and indispensable for every car show.

  • Use between washes to remove imperfections and restore the car's shine.
  • Ideal to prepare and maintain exhibition cars. 
  • Restores the lustre of the original paint, plastic, chrome, rims and windows.
  • Gives shine to the car without leaving any unwanted film. 
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  1. Spray the Quick detailer directly on the body.
  2. Wipe with a clean and dry microfiber. 

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