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Decontamination kit


The first thing you should thing of before applying a wax, a sealant or Nano1 coating is preparing your surface. This step is essential if you want to get a real protection and not seal any contaminants under a protection coat. A well prepared surface will optimize the protection by increasing the durability of the protective coat. The Silverwax Decontamination kit contains all what you need to clean your paint thoroughly by removing all encrusted contaminants, the rust particles, brake dust. You'll get a soft and perfectly clean surface!

This kit contains :

  • 1 Ultra foam soap (118ml).
  • 1 Rust particles cleaner (118 ml).
  • 1 clay bar (35g).
  • 1 Quick detailer (118 ml).
  • 1 applicator – 1 microfiber.
  • 1 protective glove.

Enough to decontaminate one car.

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Clean your vehicle

Add 30 ml of Ultra foam soap into 4L of water. Wash the vehicle with a washing mitt or a soft brush and rinse thoroughly so there is no more soap traces.

Use the clay bar

Proceed by sections. Spray the Quick detailer on the car's body and on the clay bar. Holding the clay bar in the palm of your hands, rub the lubricated surface applying a fair pressure to remove a maximum of contaminants. Make sure the surface is always well lubricated. Finish by wiping with a clean and dry microfiber. 

Remove the rust particles

WARNING: It is recommended to wear rubber gloves when you're using this product. Spray the product on the surface and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Rub lightly with a clean microfiber to make the rust particles disappear. Once you're done, rinse the car thoroughly.

You are now ready to apply a protective coat

  • Mirror effect paste wax
  • Paint sealant
  • Nano1 coating 

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