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Engine restorer



Has your engine lost its shine? The passage of time can be hard on engines, but you can roll back the years with Silverwax Engine restorer. Get your engine looking shiny and new again in minutes, and protect it against cracking rubber and plastic. This product is safe for use on all components in the engine compartment, contains no solvents and leaves no oily residue. This professional-grade product will make your car looks as good under the hood as it does on the outside.

  • Makes all the components of your engine look shiny and new again.
  • Dries quickly without leaving a greasy or oily film. 
  • Safe for use on all components in the engine compartment
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  1. Make sure the elements of the engine compartment are clean and dry. 
  2. Vaporize the product on all the elements and spread uniformly with a dry cloth.  
  3. Let the hood open for 15 minutes in order to let the engine dry. 

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