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Deluxe Silverwax-Telemag Kit



The Telemag kit is back! An assortment of 13 must-have products for an outstanding car, inside and out! This kit contains :

  • 1 Silverwax 20L bucket
  • 1 Grit Guard TM bucket insert to prevent dirt from mixing with water when cleaning your car
  • Ultra foam 473 ml
  • Rim and tire cleaner
  • Glass cleaner with polymer barrier
  • Mirror effect paste wax with high Carnauba content
  • Ultra tire shine
  • Quick detailer formulated with nanotechnology
  • Interior cleaner
  • Interior protector
  • Washing mitt
  • Synthetic chamois with storage case
  • 3 premium quality microfibres (350g)


Get your hands on this awesome kit and save! 

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