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Double polymer gelcoat sealant – Marine



Do you want to extend the life of your boat? Give it a boost with Silverwax Marine’s Boat Sealant. With a formula based on double cross linked polymers and carnauba wax, it makes fibreglass water-resistant while providing long-lasting protection against marine contaminants and UV rays. In addition, it restores colours and outstanding brightness to the hull. One treatment a year ensures that your boat will have a longer lifespan and makes it look great at the same time! Pro tip: applying a sealant on your boat will make it easier to clean your boat and prevent the appearance of a waterline stain.

  • Contains two crossed polymers and carnauba wax for more resistance and shine.
  • Based of nanotechnologies for a best paint penetration.
  • Protect your paint against contaminants and UV rays and contaminants.
  • Is easy to apply and dries quickly.
  • The application of a paint sealant will facilitate the cleaning of your boat.
  • Contains: Paint sealant 473 ml, 1 applicator, 1 microfiber.

  1. Shake well. With the included applicator, apply a thin coat of sealant on the gelcoat surface. 

  2. The product can be applied with a polisher. Use with a black tampon and put to polisher to low speed.

  3. Let the sealant dry for at least 30 minutes.

  4. Wipe with a clean and dry microfiber.