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Fast wax with polymers – RV

650 ml


Waxing your RV is a time-consuming process… so make things easier on yourself with Silverwax RV Fast Wax with Polymers! With a formula based on carnauba and polymers, this product ensures an optimal shine as well as strong and lasting protection against yellowing, discoloration and stains, and can be applied in much less time than a traditional wax. With this product, you can even wax your vehicle on hot, sunny days. No need to stay indoors or wait for cloudy weather.

  • Contains carnauba wax for a nice gloss. 
  • Provides the coating a protection against road contaminants. 
  • Quick to apply and wipe; in one easy step. 
  • Can be applied on a warm surface or under direct sunlight. 
  • The polymers create an ultra resistant protection barrier against dirt and contaminants. 
  • Based on nanotechnologies for more grip. 

  1. Clean the vehicle and make sure it is completely dry. 

  2. Vaporize the wax directly on the coating.  

  3. Spread the wax with a microfiber et let it sit for 15 seconds. 

  4. Wipe with a dry and clean microfiber.