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Rim and chrome ultra strength cleaner

650 ml


Nothing stands out quite like blinged out rims. Whether yours are steel, aluminium, or chrome, keep them sparkling with Silverwax Rim and chrome ultra strength cleaner. When all other wheel cleaning products have failed to the task, it is time to turn to this super effective cleaner. With a concentrated formula that targets dirt and rust in hard-to-reach places, you don’t even have to scrub. Warning: people will keep asking if you put new wheels on your car.

  • Ultra strong action. 
  • Removes the yellow spots caused by oxidation. 
  • Does not riquire srubbing. 
  • Safe to use on all kinds of rims (steel, aluminium or chrome).

  1. Make sure the wheels are completely chilled before using this product. 

  2. Vaporize the product on all the wheel’s parts. 

  3. Let sit for 30 seconds. 

  4. Rinse thoroughly.