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Wash & wax – RV

473 ml - 1.89 L - 4 L


Is it possible to wash your RV and get a remarkable shine all at the same time? It is now, thanks to Silverwax RV Wash & Wax. With a concentrated, neutral pH formula and added wax, it offers deep cleaning for all parts of your vehicle (paint, plastic, aluminum, fibreglass, vinyl, rubber and metal), leaving an exceptional shine and a glossy layer that repels water. Since it rinses and dries quickly, you can roll out on the highway in style all the sooner.

  • Cleans and leaves a glossy look and water beading  capacities to the VR ‘s coating. 
  • Neutral pH that does not damage paint or wax.
  • Easy and quick to rinse. 
  • Dries quickly without leaving any film. 

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