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Wash and wax

473 ml - 1.89 L


A clean car is nice, but a clean and shiny car is so much better! Silverwax Wash & Wax, with a pH-balanced, concentrated formula offers your car a deep clean and a perfect shine. Fast-drying with no residue, it will make your car water repellent and will not affect the effectiveness of your wax or sealant and is safe to use on vinyl wraps. Ideal for use between full waxes, this product keeps your colours rich and your surfaces sparkly.

  • Concentrated formula.
  • Quickly gives an intense shine to the vehicle.
  • Doesn’t damage wax or sealant. 
  • Dries quickly and does not leave any greasy film.
  • Doesn’t dry plasics up. 

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  1. Rince the car to get rid of the dirt on its surface. 

  2. Add 30 ml of product in 4 L of water.

  3. Soap the whole vehicle with a washing mitt. 

  4. Rince the vehicle until there is no more soap residues.