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Double polymer paint sealant - RV


Your RV deserves the most comprehensive and effective treatment on the market: Silverwax RV Double Polymer Paint Sealant. Featuring cross-linked polymers that sustainably protect your paint against contaminants and UV rays, it also contains cleaning agents and micro-abrasives that remove imperfections and restore lustre to coatings. But that's not all: this product includes the incredible shining power of carnauba wax, and nanotechnology that increases adhesion and durability. The ultimate all-in-one product to protect your RV and make it look brand new!

  • Contains two crossed polymers and carnauba wax for more resistance and shine. 
  • Based of nanotechnologies for a best paint penetration.
  • Protect your paint against contaminants and UV rays, industrial fallouts, brake dust and other contaminants. 
  • Is easy to apply and dries quickly. 
  • The application of a paint sealant will facilitate the cleaning of your vehicle. 
  • Contains: Paint sealant 473 ml, 1 applicator, 1 microfiber. 
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  • Clean the vehicle before applying the sealant and make sur it is completely dry. 
  • Never apply on a warm surface or under direct sunlight. 
  • Shake well. With the included applicator, apply a thin coat on the body and headlights. 

  • It can also be applied with a polisher. Use a black tampon and put the polisher to a low speed. 
  • Let the product dry for at least 30 minutes.
  • Wipe with a clean and dry microfiber. 

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