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Sun rays: Rubber roof UV protector

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Go camping with your RV without a care in the world.

Protect your rubber roof from UV rays and various pollutants.

Maintaining and protecting your roof before every season using specific products will help preserve your RV longer.

Sun Rays is the perfect protection against sun, rain, dirt, and pollen. Our UV protector for rubber roofs also prevents drying, premature wear, and oxidation of the membrane (the famous black spots).

Sun Rays will keep the roof of your RV, trailer or tent trailer in good condition and looking like new again in only 15 minutes!

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Tools required :

Paint tray, roller, and brush.

How to us :

1) Pour a generous amount of Sun Rays into the paint tray

2) Apply the UV protector on the selected surface by rolling or using the brush

3) Let dry.


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