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Leather and vinyl cleaner



Nothing suggests class and prestige quite like leather. But to keep leather looking great for longer, it needs regular care. That’s where Silverwax Leather Cleaner comes in, restoring your finish with deep-cleaning action that removes dirt from real and artificial leather. And don’t worry: it won’t leave a speck of oily or sticky residue. Just spectacular results.

  • Efficient on leather, imitation leather and vinyl. 
  • Won’t leave a speck of oily or sticky residue.
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  1. Do a test on a hidden part of your leather to make sure the colour won't wash off.
  2. Generously vaporize on the surfaces to clean.
  3. Rub the leather with a soft brush to get the dirt out.
  4. Wipe the surface with a microfiber.
  5. If you want to results to last, use the Silverwax leather protector.

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